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  1. Dear Debbie:
    I’m in Toronto, Canada. In November 2017 while i was vacationing in Hong Kong, I came across your bread books in bookstore. I bought 1) “Dear bread machine users” and
    2) “Bread of Water-roux, Sponge-dough and Old-dough Methods”

    I have been baking bread for my family for a few years using my bread machine in Toronto. Two years ago, I learnt about the water-roux method and I have been using this method since. From the recipes I get from internet and other bread books, there is always a little bit salt called for, and the butter required in these recipes are unsalted butter. Apparently, salt is an important element which cannot be omitted.

    In your book (1) above, in the very last recipe “Orange and Almond Chips Bread), 2g or 3g of salt is required, the butter I assume is salted butter.

    But in your book (2) above, all the water-roux recipes, there’s no salt requirement mentioned.

    Now my questions are as follows:
    a) why in book(2), all water-roux bread recipes have no mentioning of salt?
    b) in both of your books above, the butter required is SALTED or UNSALTED?

    Kindly let me know the answers at your earliest convenience so that I can try out your recipes.

    Mrs. Fung

  2. Dear Debbie:

    I still have not received your reply. Please reply to my email because i still did not see it under this website under “Comments”. Thanks

  3. Please see my reply on Facebook messenger dated March 17 as below:
    Dear Dora,
    Thanks for your questions, please see my replies as below:
    (1) I usually use salted butter for baking of hand kneading dough. Given that salt powders hinder the activation of yeast and reduce the expansion of dough, by using salted butter salt compound can be spread out easily and evenly during hand kneading.
    (2) However, by using a bread machine, the salt compound will be spread out evenly during the machine kneading, I, therefore, prefer to use high-quality sea salts instead of salted butter.
    I use salted butter for all recipes in the book “Bread of water-roux, sponge-dough and old-dough methods”. Also, I use unsalted butter for all recipes in the book “Dear bread machine users”.
    Should you have further questions, please feel free to message to me on my facebook page.

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