Paper Toy for Kids – Thomas & Friends Train


Here are procedures for making a Paper T&F train for kids at home

Touch & Feel of the paper box toy

My lovely nephew (謙謙, 4 years old) and niece (欣欣, 2 years old)

Step 1 – search a Thomas-and-Friends-like icon image from google with search keys – “Thomas & Friends Party Loot, photo”

Step 2 – print the ICON image in A3 size

Step 3 – draw outline of the icon on a white cardboard in A3 size

Step 4 – fill in and mark the outlines of the icon in bold black

Step 5 – don’t forget to add a black funnel for the train

Step 6 – cut the mask and paste magic stick on the back

Step 7 – wrap a A4 paper box with colour papers as body of the train, with some circles of bumpers decorations

Step 8 – put magic stick on front end of the body and assemble the mask with the body.

That’s all, here you go …

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