23 thoughts on “出版了!

  1. 哈、你真係出書、我一定捧場;但希望你繼續寫食譜比網友呀~有好多因版權問題、出書就唔再寫食譜出來、好失望呢……

  2. It is a very good cookbook. Well done.
    I wish to read it in ipad.
    Is it possible to publish ebook?

    1.  因為係大眾書局其下出版社出,所以商務印就未必間間有。

  3. 今日買咗本書,超鍾意!但有個小問題:書中提到用邊一個”種”可按個人喜好,那換句話說,即recipe所用嘅老種或中種都可由湯種代替嗎??

  4. 係可以的。 但湯種含水份較多,所以就要把原來食譜水份量扣減才可。

  5. Hi, I’m from Singapore and just bought your book at the Popular Bookfest on 15 Dec. Baked the chocolate buns yesterday. Texture is not bad, but taste a little “different”, sweeter than other breads I have baked. Then, I realise you don’t add salt to your recipes. Is that because you use salted butter? I used unsalted butter. Thank you.

  6. Hi Kiwi, I usually use salted butter for baking, please note that “unsweetened” cocoa powder is required for this recipe. Thanks!

  7. Love your recipes. So clear and all my old yummy Hong Kong food. Is there anyway to buy this book in the USA?

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